Increased Velocity of Adoption

Adoption is the true measure of success in any initiative. “Build it and they will come” is not an effective strategy for any project. We observed one of our clients spending $2.5 million with a global consulting firm to implement a project management system. The system went live in July 2005 and no one used it. So the company spent hundreds of thousands more dollars and re-implemented the entire system. It went live and the business began using it just in time for a leadership change and a decision to put in a new system. Where was the ROI from that project?

When projects are implemented the unchallenged assumption is that the end users will begin using the system or process immediately. The ROI is usually calculated based on 100% adoption day one of “go live.” Immediate and complete adoption is an unrealistic expectation.

What every project must consider:

The DEFINITION – what is success?

  • If the company redesigns the marketing and sales department is success the development of new job descriptions and people redistributed in new roles? Or is success the increase in new clients due to a renewed focus of the sales department on a specific demographic? Or is success a 10% additional penetration into a new category because of a creative marketing campaign and a team based redesign of the roles?
  • There is not “wrong answer.” However, there are answers that are unclear and unachievable. Get specific and be clear!

The CRITERIA – how to measure success

  • Most projects are measured on whether they were delivered “on-time” and “within budget.”  Stop this non-sense, measure your projects on the return to the business.  Some projects are more difficult than others to measure, however, there is likely a business value for investing the resources; What is it?

The PLAN – how to achieve success

  • There are many paths to reach a goal. The choice is how you prioritize the objectives for reaching your goal. Are you looking to get to success as quickly as possible? Do you need to be cost conscious?
  • If you focus on the success criteria of the project, and assuming you did not fall short by only defining it as “On-time” and “On-Budget”, you will likely make the right decisions in your planning.

Our clients achieve success because we help them understand the levers that drive project success. We work with our clients to define success, measure success and achieve success.

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