Mentor Program

Achieve new levels of growth in your business

This unique program is available by exclusive arrangement with Million Dollar Consultant Alan Weiss.

Over the last 15 years, Alan Weiss has created the most comprehensive and dramatic mentoring community in the world. The program has over 525 “graduates,” and scores of “post-graduates” (those who have signed up for an additional term).

A conservative estimate is that mentor program graduates have generated over $660 million dollars in incremental revenue as a result of their participation in the program.

hall_of_fameI have been mentored by and personally trained with Alan since 2009. I am a member of Alan’s Million Dollar Consulting Hall of Fame.

Through this program, I am able to offer you my award-winning marketing and consulting skills, as well as entry to the elite global community of consultants who are graduates of the program. As part of Alan’s global mentor community, you will be able to access online discussions 24/7; download text, audio, and video resources; receive newsletters; join mastermind groups; participate in international mentor “summits”; obtain discounts on development experiences; and much more.

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The Program I Offer:

The Regular Program provides six months of unlimited access to me by e-mail, phone, regular mail or in person, if convenient for both of us. I help people strategically (how to set fees, how to gain visibility, how to position and market your practice, etc.), and tactically (what to say at the meeting tomorrow, critiquing proposals, overcoming objections, etc.). The fee is $3,500, which distinguishes those who are serious about their business, and is easily recouped through increased business and/or higher fees. Admission is limited. If there are no openings, there is a “first come, first served” waiting list.

How We Work:

“The frequency and style of how we work is totally up to you. You may choose to call me on a regular basis, correspond via email, set up in-person meetings – or use some combination of these. I return all phone calls within 2 hours, and all written correspondence within 24 hours. The fee is required to begin the process or to claim a place on the waiting list. The fee may be paid in installments, but the mentoring process doesn’t begin until payment is complete. The fee is non-refundable, no exceptions. However, you may call a “freeze” at any point, for up to two months at a time, at which time we stop the calendar until you’re ready to begin again.”

With this program you’ll have the ability to work with me in a customized, personalized relationship, while gaining access to a vibrant global community that will contribute rapidly and substantially to your personal and professional growth.


Go to Alan’s website, and pay through his shopping cart. When you get to the shopping cart you will see a box that says, Select Mentor. Click on that box and select Scott Beilke. Alan and I will respond quickly and you and I will begin working together immediately afterward.

To find out more contact me by clicking here or call +1-847-686-3500.

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