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What is Culture?

Culture is your collective story. The story informs how people behave, how hard they work and how much of themselves they contribute.

  • Culture is real yet unseen
  • Culture is measurable and assessable
  • Culture is the collective, shared beliefs of an organization.
  • If you don’t manage culture, it will manage you
  • Culture doesn’t eat strategy, it supports it or slows it

Culture Accelerates Strategy

Culture impacts the way people behave and consequently drives performance. To accelerate performance you must address the beliefs that drive the behavior.

Attract and Retain Talent

Culture creates a workplace environment that impacts how you attract, coordinate, and retain top talent.  Your competitive talent advantage can only be achieved by intentionally developing and maintaining a culture that has a magnetic attraction to the right talent.

Speed to Market

Resistance impacts speed and increases costs within organizations. In order to reduce resistance to change it is imperative that all change initiatives begin with understanding and addressing culture. Strong cultures successfully adapt and respond to change which fast tracks their speed to market.

Can you Change Culture?

  • It’s challenging but not impossible to change culture.
  • Be realistic and know your starting point
  • We can help you identify and resolve cultural roadblocks that impede your projects, stall your strategies and challenge change implementation

Organizational cultures are created in part by leaders, and one of the most decisive functions of leadership is the creation, the management and sometimes even the destruction of culture.”
~ Edgar Schein

Does Your Real Culture Match Your Ideal Culture?

Stop guessing and start assessing. There are tools and approaches that help you get clarity about exactly where you are and the conversations you need to have to capture actions that create improvement.

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Culture Insights

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Culture is a Business Issue.

Your ability to grow rapidly, operate efficiently and produce quality products and services is dependent on an aligned workforce with the capacity to innovate and execute.  To succeed you must accurately understand and leverage your organization culture.

Our approach to targeted and rapid business transformation is to use the insights gathered through an Organizational Culture Assessment to create alignment between your leadership, organization, talent and strategy and rapidly realize results.