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As they grow, your organization grows (and profits grow.)


The Flourish Factor


Change Triage

Change Triage

  What do you do when a change is in crisis? What about a change that has happened (a new system, an employee reorganization or.. Read More →
Change Management

Change Management

How do you define change management? (it’s not really black and white!) According to the Association of Change Management Professionals, it is “the practice of.. Read More →
Change Happens, Like the Weather

Change Happens, Like the Weather

“Change is like the weather, it happens.” ~ Admiral Thad Allen How do you deal with change? Change is any planned or unplanned shift in.. Read More →

Client Compliments

“They did fantastic work. The thing that’s really unusual about these guys: I trust them more than people I’ve spent more time. They’re deeply trustworthy. The depth of my friendship with them is accelerated with these guys is because of who they are. Their character, commitment, compassion, integrity. An hour with these guys is like a year with someone else.“- K.B. - CEO
“… They solve really hard problems with really creative solutions. We need more Scott and Donna in our life. They do a tremendous amount of listening. With me, that requires a lot of patience. They embody empathy. “I understand what you’re trying to accomplish.” They empathize with my challenge. They have no fear in telling me when an idea won’t work for me.“- A.W. - CEO
“Scott was able to ask questions you couldn’t wiggle out of. Not in an objectionable way. He asked the right questions. He has an intuition where he can cut through things and get to the heart of the matter quickly. He’s non-judgmental. He’s a great coach.“- W.S. - Senior Director
“I was looking for help with my Board of Directors. She gave me advice on how to get them more strategic and focused.“- M.L. - CEO
“They seem very focused on culture and how it affects change management. We were working on our culture side. We needed to look at our culture. We were stodgy. They did a very nice job at dissecting that and getting to roadblocks.“- D.A. - Senior Vice President
“I really enjoy working with them. It’s not just because I like them. They bring a huge amount of value. They’re on top of their game.“- E.S. - Vice President